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Product packaging design
makes marketing more elegant

Order personalized, high-quality custom printed packaging and branded boxes your customers will love all-in-one place. 

Wht HMF Packaging is your best solution for your packaging?

From conceptulize, draft, design, sample to production, our service is hassel-free, sustainability, meticulous proofing and cost optimization.

Hassel-free logistics

Have us manage your logistics to get the best prices and turnaround time for shipping.


Easily become a more sustainable brand with our range of eco-friendly products and options.

Meticulous proofing

All orders go through our meticulous proofing system before going into production,

Cost optimization

Get proactive cost optimization on every project to ensure you are spending less for packaging.


Type of packaging we manufactue.

Not sure what kind of packaging boxes fit your product?

Check out our different box styles, our consultant is happy to help.

Folding box

Collapsible cardboard box, simple assembly, convenient for storage and transport.

Corrugated box

Sturdy corrugated cardboard box, durable for shipping, strong fluted layers.

Rigid box

Strong, non-collapsible, luxury packaging, durable, high-quality materials.

Paper bag

Sturdy, premium, resilient, upscale paper bag packaging for durability.

We help these industries to develop packaging.

We help different industry products on designing and producing packaging.

HMF Packaging provides one-stop packaging solution from design to production, with prompt turnaround and best value.


Assist apparel in creating stylish, sustainable, brand-enhancing packaging solutions.

E-commerce shipping

Aid e-commerce firms in designing efficient, durable, cost-effective packaging solutions.


Help electronics companies in designing protective, innovative, brand-aligned packaging boxes.


Aid pharmaceutical companies in developing secure, compliant, innovative packaging designs.


We prioritize environmentally friendly packaging as it aligns with global sustainability goals, reduces ecological footprint, and meets increasing consumer demand for green solutions. This approach not only protects the environment but also enhances brand image and complies with evolving regulatory standards, demonstrating corporate responsibility and foresight in resource management.


Wht HMF Packaging is your best one-stop packaging solution provider?

HMF Packaging provide one-stop packaging solution from design to production, with prompt turnaround and best value.

Best value

Orders taken directly to our factory, without middlemen’s price add-up, and provide the most cost-effective customized packaging services. Our mission is to increase the market value of our customers’ products by designing functional and creative packaging.

Fast turnaround

By using our professional custom packaging service, when the design is finalized, our production time can be completed within 7-15 business days (depending on the packaging type and quantity). Compared to other suppliers, we have a lead of efficiency advantage. 

From design to production

From conceptulize, our art and structural designers will provide you with professional packaging design solutions, taking production, shipping, cost and other factors into account when design and finally create packaging for you. It is both stylish and practical.

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